Monday, April 16, 2012

This time On Time, Abby's Madame Butterfly post!

Madame Butterfly was a lot easier for me to draw because I didn't have to spend a lot of time picking apart the costumes, they were all really traditional Japanese, stuff that I'm familiar with and know how to draw. So I was excited to draw this. To Teri's consternation, I sassed the conductor, telling him I was worried the play would be racist. He said no it wasn't and I sassed him some more, saying I'd draw a comic if it was.... and it turns out it wasn't! There was nothing for me to draw a comic of.

He was right, Puccini clearly did a lot of research, his treatment of Japanese culture and culture clash is respectful of both sides. He used Japanese music, even some songs that are still familiar to the ear to this day. There are even some Japanese words in the opera that I managed to pick out! It's pretty amazing.

On the more current side of things, The set designers and costume designers also did an amazing job of indicating character thru clothing. It's a great and beautiful opera that is amazingly put together through the Minnesota Opera. Even if you can't afford a ticket full price, check out the rush line because it's definitely worth it.

This time around I used greyscale markers to draw, trying to capture the symbolism and clothing designs inherent in a lot of the visuals. The images at the top were the ones I am the most proud of, the first being an illustration of what Cio-Cio san would look like at her true age of 15, the second being my last drawing of a butterfly flying out of her empty wedding dress.

I've seen a lot of tragedies here, I'd like to see some comedies sometime.... Maybe next year.

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