Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Opera Season!

Attention all Black Hatters & Friends!

Due to stupidity on my part an evening of Comic Artists Night at the Opera has snuck up on me! I misread the schedule and failed to put an opening night NEXT THURSDAY down in my planner. Which means I have not had time yet to properly get the word out! Which means you all get first, and possibly only, dibbs. We have 14 slots to fill by next Tuesday evening.

What you need:
       An email to me by Tuesday afternoon detailing ALL of the following:
              * your name
              * your currently updating website
              * your desire to attend a FREE opera full dress rehearsal Thursday September 22nd, 2011.

By emailing me this information you are agreeing to the following:
              *you will be on-time to the opera
              *you will sketch during the opera (email me if you can't get your hands on a booklight, we may be able to provide one.
              * you will email a scan of at least one of your pieces, along with 1-5 sentences about your experience to an email I will forward you as part of your confirmation within ONE WEEK of the event itself
              * you will post at least 1 sketch and some sort of write-up to your own webpage/webcomic/blog within 1 week of the event.
              *you will allow MN opera to use this sketch for promotional purposes without further compensation (you will retain the copyright, however, as well as the use of the rest of the sketches)

And that's about it! Please get the word out and tell as many online local comicers as you can. Since this is so last minute participation in this event will NOT effect your eligibility for other shows this season.

Now the important parts:
             *information about the show
             * By participating you are also eligible to come to their blogger preview meet n greet, which can be a fun, low-stress networking opportunity. This is held for about an hour before the show, just like last year, at a nearby restaurant
             *transportation assistance may be available by request

Questions/Comments welcome!