Friday, February 4, 2011

Meeting time!

Helloooooo comic-ers!
Hiya! It's Meeting time again! Woo!

Meeting time is 1-5 on Feb. 12th. It is a Saturday. We'll be in 106A. Which just means that you'll go to 106, enter and then go into the room that is in the room. Less complicated then it sounds, I assure you. I'm working on getting the space 2nd Sat of every month, but we have to talk about alternate dates on a couple of months.

The Geek Partnership Society is our meeting space. You can find them at 1121 Jackson St NE, Suite 106 Minneapolis, MN 55413. Park in the big lot in the back, follow the signs for Xelias, and come in door C. Yes, we're in the big red building across from the metalworking shed-what-looks-about-ready- to-fall-down. If you need more info, shoot me an email at

We should have our large format scanner by then! Our resident Gerbil, Jonathan, has donated a computer to hook up to said scanner! The world is coming up roses, and fun scanning times. Hopefully our Foreign Correspondent can Skype in and jam with us--Maria, you still wanna try that?

If you have a buddy that wants to come along--bring'em! We're an open club of GPS and the only thing we ask is that you love makin' comics in some way.

See Ya There!
Lisa Blauersouth
El Presidente