Monday, June 29, 2009


Gerbil here again, with an insider's tip: To any of y'all attending the CONvergence festivities this coming July 2nd-5th, there'll be an extra-special fetch quest you can go on, courtesy of the Grey Bouquet gang!

Like all the best stuff in life, it's not only simple; it's free. Just check out the Free Stuff tables for fliers with the main four GBQ characters on 'em. If you can't pick them out at first sight, no worries-- there'll be a link to "" right there on the flier.

If you find all four, you can match the back sides to build a super-sized, never-before-seen Grey Bouquet picture! (Or, in nerdspeak: you can form Voltron.)

What's the final product, you ask?

Pff. Cheaters. Fine, have yourselves some teaser pics...


Take our word for it: It's Hiroshima-licious.