Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nicole gets interviewed!

Lookie!  Nicole gets herself interviewed about her awesome coloring book, Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Artist Intro: Fes Works

Name: Fes Works

Current projects: Ardra (comic), The Webcomic Beacon (podcast), First Issue (webseries)

Projects on hold: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy (comic), Jenny Everywhere: The Shifter Archive

Website: See above, or

Webcomics I read: I follow over 200 webcomics. Some of my favorites include Nerf Now!, Endtown, El Goonish Shive, PREQUEL, Get a Roomie, Newspaper Comic Strip, Zebra Girl.. only to name a handful.

Favorite things to draw: The characters in my comic, PSI.

What inspires me to make comics: The ideas in my head. I have to get them out, or my brain will explode.

Why are you in the BHC: Nice and welcoming group. Local.

My artistic new years resolution: Stop taking on new projects before finishing others.

Favorite part of the artistic process: Drawing with pencils on paper.

Finishing move: CTRL+S

Cutie Mark: Candle burning on both ends.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Black Hat Collective gets a nod from the Daily Planet

The lovely and talented Jesse Hausman has done a lovely and skillful article about us for the Twin Cities online news daily. Read it here.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Silent Night: Comic Artists' Night at the Opera

"Artists make bad soldiers."

--German Lt. Horstmayer of Silent Night

"Unsolicited criticism — Always a good seduction technique!"

—Anna Sørensen of Silent Night

[Silent Night] relates the tale of British, French, and German soldiers during World War I who disobeyed orders and spent the holiday not killing each other.

--Joel Vollmer

Jeremiah Halonie
As usual, it’s difficult to draw when the action is so amazing, you want to just lose yourself in what’s going on on-stage, but add to that the incredible sets and music this time around, and I had the most difficult time yet trying to draw what was going on and not just watch.

Kate Saturday:
The French troops were quartered in this bombed-out Cathedral. I fell completely in love with it and drew it one thousand times. Barely a shell, it had a creaky fragility that was offset by its clean geometry. It was strong enough to support actors on its upper stories, in the same way that a nautilus shell is strong. Strong enough to support what, i don't know, tiny mollusk actors in a submarine drama perhaps.

Thomas Boguszewski
: Watching this production warms the heart, but also gives one a sense of the terrible irony of war —where humanity is looked upon as "weird" and violence is the norm. I think the message of this play is not only that "Artists make bad soldiers," as Lieutenant Horstmayer points out at the beginning of the play, but also that good human beings make bad soldiers.

Lisa and Lee Blauersouth: Silent Night, the newest Opera in MN was at once grounded in both fact and myth and rides the line where the two meet. The event was real—a Christmas Eve Truce during the first World War, but it feels like a fairy tale or fable. The tales of it survived through letters and rumors and tales told by soldiers and civilians alike.

Check out more blogs and images at Joel Vollmer, MN Opera, and Diana Green!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just a fast sketch/self portrait

Just thought I'd toss this up here. Last night, after looking over my fancy new print copy of The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal I noticed a nice little artists self portrait sketch in the back, by the bio. And I thought, hey, it's been a long time since I tried a portrait, I should do a quick one to work on my iPad drawing skills. This is the result. Other than my habitual eye enlargment, I think it's a fair likeness. So, yay for apps.