Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Artist Intro: Gypsy-Maria Lorimer

Name: Gypsy-Maria Lorimer

Current projects: A number of novels, a reboot of my old webcomic (see below), some commission work

Past projects: For the Love of Yaoi (webcomic), Gabriel's Day (A Day in the Life anthology), commission and caricature work


Shop: None yet.

Web comics I read: Gunnerkrigg Court, Freak Angels, A Distant Soil, Godseeker, Battle Pug, Silly Kingdom, Axe Cop, Skin Deep, The Fox Sister, Girls with Slingshots

Print comics I read: Shadowlords, The Dark Tower, Anita Blake, Dresden Files, Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, Watchmen, Sandman, Nightcrawler, and just about anything I pick up at conventions.

Blogs I read: Hyperbole and a Half, The Bloggess, Neil Gaiman, Patrick Rothfuss, Nicole Lorenz, Notes from a Fairy Princess in Exile

My fav stuff to write or draw: pretty boys, pretty girls, animals, fantasy creatures, chibis and other cutesy things

What inspires me to make comics: The winning combination of writing, drawing, and storytelling. Comics are, for me, the perfect medium.

Why are you in the BHC: Accountability and community. Group projects are fun, too.

My artistic new years resolution: What else? Draw more! Specifically, I'd like to be building a better portfolio of work to show potential clients, as well as getting a solid start on my webcomic.

Favorite part of the artistic process: I love all of it, but I think I especially like holding a finished piece in my hand and saying, "I did this thing."

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw, all the way.

Bloodtype: A+

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Samples of recent art:

Artist Intro: Lee Blauersouth

Name: Lee Blauersouth

Current projects: Godseeker, my ongoing epic stone age fantasy, written by my wife, Lisa Blauersouth. Also, Abby and Nicole Lorenz and I are doing a short story for Smut Peddler.

Past projects: A Day in the Life, with the rest of the older Black Hat Collective members.


Shop: indyplanet book shop

Webcomics I read: Gunnerkrigg Court, Girl Genius, Sinfest, Girls with Slingshots, Wapsi Square, The Not so Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, La Macchina Bellica, Knights Errant, Stop Paying Attention, Templar Arizona, Skin Deep, comics by the BHC members.

Print comics I read: Fables, Ooku, Sailor Moon, print volumes of those webcomics.

Blogs I read: Apartment Therapy, Indistinguishable from Magic, Design Sponge

My fav stuff to write or draw: Pretty people, emotions, rocks, clouds

What inspires me to make comics: The way comics combines the best of both books and tv and art. Its such an amazing way to tell stories. The reader can add their own take on the work by adding the sound and movement, but have the added visual interest of the pictures. I like the way this combination lets you tell very personal stories, without needing the committee required for TV or even most novels. I can just tell the story and put it where people can see it. I'm also inspired to draw beauty- or at least what I see as beautiful, and I love drawing nature being epic.

Why are you in the BHC: Comics can be a lonely, isolated art form, since you can do it all yourself, but I get to learn a lot more from hanging around other people, and also finding all the cool resources and comics and art they find.

My artistic new years resolution: Improve on my anatomy, and do more drawing from life. Also, draw more dynamic and interesting backgrounds.

Favorite part of the artistic process: I think I like penciling the best. That’s when I get to figure out the emotions I'm drawing and the acting of the characters.

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Blood Type: A+

Thanks, All!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MN Opera 2011-2012 Season

Its that exciting time of year again, time to sign up the second round of the Comic Artists Night at the Opera, in their 2011/2012 season. Big thanks to all who made last year such a success. It was, in fact, such a success, that they have invited us back for double the number of shows this year! We have an exiting lineup this year, have a look:

Silent Night, Nov 10th, 2011 a brand new production, commissioned by the MN Opera company and never before seen.

Werther, Jan 26th, 2011
a classic tale of a poet in love.

Lucia del Lammamore, March 1st, 2012 a tragic tale of star crossed lovers.

Madame Butterfly April 12th, 2012
the well known classic.

Now, there is a little change to this year's process, which I think you will all enjoy. This year, you can register for multiple shows at the same time. You will receive a confirmation email closer to the date. Other than that, the process is the same: email me with:

Your name
the address of your webpage
your email address
and a list of which shows you would like to attend

There has been another change. The reception we attend is going to be with the bloggers, which will hopefully be a great networking opportunity for all of us. Details about the when/where of the pre-show reception will, like before, be available closer to the date. Also, backstage tours may be available during intermission, as well as access to the conductor.

As before, bring your booklight, your art supplies, and yourself. Send your sketches and your experience to the opera liaison. Post the same to your webpage.

Please, let your friends know about this opportunity!

Questions or registration, just email me! Lets fill these seats!

Thanks, all!

Lee Blauersouth

Thursday, October 13, 2011

BHC meeting set for Nov. 12

Hey guys! Come to this meeting! We'll draw robots. Why? Because I said so, and no one is around to disagree!

Saturday, Nov. 12, 1-5 pm in the Waterbury building. That address again:

1121 Jackson St. NE Suite 106A
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Character Design tutorial book is on track!

Neat mesquite! As October draws to a close, so does the first half of the Black Hat Collective's character design tutorial. Oh, you haven't heard about our character design tutorial? Well.

As you may have noticed, we are a, ahem, widely diverse group with widely diverse styles of art. But in diversity, strength! Many of our members, working from the same character specs, have designed characters in their own style and aesthetic. The resulting mass of drawings is a surprising look into the range and variety of characters that can be derived from one idea, and how the design of a character can give visual information about the character, the environment, the narrative.

BHC's character design smorgasbord is expected by the end of the year. Updates as they occur!

Black Hat Collective's 24 Hour Comic Day Make-up!

Every year on Oct. 1, cartoonists around the world work feverishly to complete a 24 page comic in 24 hours. Well, Oct. 1 wasn't good for us. We had things that day. Things we wanted to do. So join us on Oct. 22 and make a comic of your own, or collaborate on our group comic. Making a full comic in 24 hours is hard, but potluck meals and moral support make it easier! Members of the Black Hat Collective will be there working, and the event is open to the public, the private, and the just shy. Join us at the Geek Partnership Society from Oct. 22 10 am to Oct. 23 10am, and show the world how tough you really are.

GPS is located at the Waterbury Building, 1121 Jackson St. NE Suite 106, Minneapolis, MN 55413. See their website for more info:

For more information about 24 Hour Comic Day, visit