Sunday, April 26, 2009

Microcon Happened

Microcon report:

I'm still cold, probably going to be sick. Gerbil sold some stuff and Maria did a pretty good days worth of drawing commision sketches. Teri also did one. We gave out massive amounts of Godseeker business cards, so hopefully we'll have lots of new readers! We didn't sell any books :(

I'm thinking of ordering some BHC business cards for my own use--I'm doing lots of networking. Fortunately, I can probably order up some free ones for the time being, since I don't care if VistaPrint puts thier webpage on the back, and I don't need them for a while.

I'm thinking of more ways to have some BHC stuff in particular that we can sell to raise some cash for the group instead of just individual members. I still wanna button maker for the group!

Any ideas?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Newsletter Post


This is the Black Hat Collective Newsletter. It will be a monthly newsletter, and will feature information and news and meeting times and places. If you want to get the e-newsletter, please send an email to

So, hello to the folks we met at Anime Detour! If you haven't, check out our blog ( We hope to see some of you at our meetings! Studio Whipping Boy--I know there are five of you--if you'd like the newsletter to get sent to each of you individually, please let me know.

Remember: we'll be at MicroCon on April 26th. This does not mean we won't have a meeting this month--the 17th of April, at the Hamline-Midway Library (Location). We'll probably be in the basement.

We may have an opportunity to do a small gallery-type show at Sample Night Live. Who is all in? I'm thinking about doing it Sept/Oct of this year if possible. Sample Night is a lot of fun: here's their website.

Upcoming Events:

Writing Contest deadline: May 1st.

Geek Prom, May 16th.
Since Teri and I are running it, we'd sure like y'all to get tickets. they are $10 now, or 15 at the door--though if you bring a canned food item, the door price is also 10. Theme this year is 8-Bit Boogie, and it should be a good time for all.

End of early reg for CONvergence: May 15th. For those of you who don't know--CONvergence is awesome. It's an all around geek con, and it is the highlight of my year.

I think that's it for this news bulletin, see you in a week or so!