Sunday, April 26, 2009

Microcon Happened

Microcon report:

I'm still cold, probably going to be sick. Gerbil sold some stuff and Maria did a pretty good days worth of drawing commision sketches. Teri also did one. We gave out massive amounts of Godseeker business cards, so hopefully we'll have lots of new readers! We didn't sell any books :(

I'm thinking of ordering some BHC business cards for my own use--I'm doing lots of networking. Fortunately, I can probably order up some free ones for the time being, since I don't care if VistaPrint puts thier webpage on the back, and I don't need them for a while.

I'm thinking of more ways to have some BHC stuff in particular that we can sell to raise some cash for the group instead of just individual members. I still wanna button maker for the group!

Any ideas?

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  1. I loved all of your work from Black Hat Collective. I went to the Microcon and took some pics ( I mentioned you guys in my blog- ). As far as BHC stuff to sell, I have gone through in the past. I signed up for the online store and created a bunch of cool merchandise. That's just an idea for you. Keep up the awesome work!