Thursday, April 12, 2012

The latest of the late: Abby's Lucia De Lammermoor Writeup

Lucia De Lammermoor was an opera I was only familiar with through The Fifth Element, where an alien Diva sings Lucia's last solo and then moves into a weird futuristic beatbox version.

Knowing the words that she was singing made things a lot more interesting! The Minnesota Opera production was incredibly well-choreographed and the set design was amazing. The use of light and shadow, and especially color made the show amazing to see.

My favorite scene was of course Lucia's "Mad Scene" which was the song sung in Fifth Element. Lucia is singing about her beloved, her clothes covered in blood from murdering the man she was forced to marry. She talks of the bloodstains as if they were roses, and that's what caused me to do my favorite sketch, this last one.

The next Opera is tonight's Madame Butterfly, and I'll upload my sketches in enough time for our readers to decide to buy a ticket and see it this time!!!


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