Friday, January 16, 2009

Meeting Saturday, January 17th

The BHC will be meeting in the Hamline Midway Library tomorrow from noon to 5. Feel free to join us! (Ask the librarians where we're meeting - we've got a new room.)

An average meeting goes something like this:

noon-1:30pm - Members trickle in, sit down to draw, and chat.

1:30pm-2pm - Everyone we know is coming has shown up, so the founding members talk shop - who's going to the next upcoming convention, what we're doing with web stuff, book sales, etc. Someone brings up t-shirt designs, everyone gets excited, and then the subject gets dropped for another month.

2pm - Everyone goes back to art jamming, chatting, and listening to music. Occasionally someone says, "Hey, can I get your opinions on this?" and shows everyone the page or script they're working on. Feedback ensues.

3:14pm - Gerbil starts talking about Pokemon.

3:20pm - The Pokemon conversation shifts into fanfiction.

3:21pm - The terrified newbies slink from the room, sketchbooks clutched to their chests like shields. This will not protect them.

3:40pm - Art jamming and idle chitchat returns to a less brain-searing level. Newbies who remain gain a level in Conversational Constitution.

4:45pm - Half the membership becomes spontaneously hungry for Chinese food.

5pm - We pack up and leave, having gotten in a good stretch of comicking for the day.

I may exaggerate slightly. But you get the gist.

It's a fun time. If you're up for honest, constructive feedback on your work and enjoy a good art jam with somewhat askew geek types, stop by!

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  1. it's funny cause its true.

    Also, I promise to update as soon as my poor busted computer with all my art comes home from the shop.