Monday, January 12, 2009


The Black Hat Collective is a Twin Cities based group of comic creators. Our principles are as follows:
  • Engage in constructive peer critique to improve as artists and writers
  • Produce the best weird little comics we can
  • Consume punch and pie (if punch and pie is not available, copious amounts of Chinese food will suffice)
Our club belongs to MISFITS, the Twin Cities' premier scifi/fantasy/general geekery organization. They run a convention called CONvergence every July, which you should go to. Yes, you. What? You live out of state? Go anyway. I promise there's no snow in Minnesota in July.

Black Hatters have been spotted representing our group's work at FallCon, Anime Detour, KakkoiCon, and other local conventions. In 2007 we published our first anthology of short comics, Day in the Life.

It's shiny, right?

Day in the Life is a themed anthology, filled with stories that combine elements of the everyday and the fantastic: a vampire housewife, a single mother who works as a hired thug, a little girl whose dreams come to life, and more!

You can currently find Day in the Life at The Source Comics and Games, our favorite local comic shop. We'll soon have an Etsy shop up to sell the comic, as well as some other treats down the line.

The Black Hat Collective meets once a month, usually on Saturday afternoons. If you're interested in joining us for an art jam, drop us a line at

Welcome to the blog! We'll try and keep it interesting for ya.

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