Monday, September 14, 2015

IIIIITS that time again!

Social Media Preview Night at the Minnesota Opera!

This season is going to be a good one:
The first one of the season is a comedy, and it opens to the public on Sat. Sept 26.
Watch this space (or click on those side links) for some opera art!

When the wealthiest man in the city double-books a group of buttoned-up opera singers and a band of bawdy comedians as dinner entertainment, the fun begins. Ariadne and her fellow singers have to share their drama (and the stage) with the saucy comedy troupe. 

Next up:
The Magic Flute in November.  Yup, its that awesome one from the 2012/2013 season, and it's AWESOME.

In January, we get Rusalka--Russian fairy tale grandmother of The Corpse Bride. So love and death and betrayal, and since its Opera AND Russian, I expect it doesn't have a happy ending. 

After that, in March, Tosca makes a showing: its one of Puccini's, and he's the one behind Turnandot and La Boheme, so its gonna be sad and super pretty.

THEN in May, we get The Shining. Yesss, that  The Shining.  The MN Opera does an Orginal Work every year, and this year is The Shining. 

So, if you are here for the art: go see these shows.  If you are part of the Collective, come make art at the Opera!

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