Monday, October 15, 2012

Affordable Tablet Pc's?!

Hey all! So, there's been some interest in the nifty little tablet pc's a few of us have been getting our hands on, so I thought I'd make a post about the where's and how's in case you want to snag one for yourself.

They're made by a company called 'Motion Computing' and while they cost just as much as a new laptop, you find them re-furbished for dirt cheap. they get used a lot by businesses, so they usually come out in pretty decent condition, and the few nicks you might have are nothing for a computer marked down from around a thousand to a hundred or less!

What makes em' really dandy is that, not only are they tablet pc's, but Wacom made the screens and pens. Yup, ever wanted that cintique? Well here it is in laptop form for several hundred bucks cheaper. Now they are Pc's, so you Mac natives may be a bit apprehensive, but anyone who wants to take em' for a spin, we've got three blackhatters already who have one, so feel free to pester us at the meets, we all respond well to bribes.

 If you feel like taking the plunge, here are a few links:

The 8 inch model at
And the 12 inch model at gainsaver

 Personally, 'd say go for the 12 inch. the 8 inch is dandy, but I had one come with a broken pen, and that was 30$ to replace, so I didn't save that much in the end. plus, the 12 inch comes with windows already installed (though the savvy user might consider re-installing with a slimmed down version of win xp tablet edition...just sayin'...)

So the 8 inch for about 60 bucks, and the 12 at 100 to 150... pretty awesome if you ask me... and yes, Photoshop works beautifully, and more importantly, so does paint tool sai! So go chek em' out, trust me, you won't be disappointed.



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