Monday, January 2, 2012

Black Hat Collective Member Portraits

We here at Black Hat Collective are often asked by our adoring public for pictures or descriptions of ourselves, so that they can more effectively adore us. Some of them are very persistent, and Marty, the fire marshall says you need to take down the fort. To that end, here are some candid portraits of our membership for your edification and enjoyment.

Lee and Lisa are ponies.

Our fearless leaders, Lisa and Lee Blauersouth, hard at work.

Hobbes Maxwell, in his natural habitat.

Newcomer Kate Saturday, with various tools and instruments of artifice.

Fes Works, keeping his eyes on the prize.

Perceptive readers will have noticed how often candid pictures of Black Hat members show them at work. This is because we never stop working, dear reader, we never cease our striving to bring you the precious gems of imagination.

Gypsy Maria Lorimer, after a grueling day in the imagination mines.

And the Gerbil.

The perceptive reader will also notice that our membership is made up of an unusual proportion of unicorns. This is because comics is magic.

And so, dear readers, you can stop hanging around outside our houses, your little noses fogging our windows. Now you know the truth.

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